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Water can cause a lot of damage to your home. From basement floods, soil erosion, mold and mildew, foundation cracking and many many more. Gutters, which are often overlooked, is your first line of defense on protecting your home and extending its lifespan. Having seamless gutters installed is just the first step. Maintaining a proper gutter system through cleaning, maintenance, and inspection is the most important part. However, you can alway count on us for all your gutter cleaning or repair needs!
Newly installed gutters should last around 20-25 years if properly maintained and inspected annually. Installing a LeafGuard system, if that product is the right fit for you, does tend to increase your gutter system’s strength and lifespan by a few years.
Seamless gutters have no seams in length and in downspouts. The only time that there is a slight seam is on corners where the gutters are connected to one another. The seamless gutter system allows for no leaks and a better water outflow, where the water can easily flush away debris in your gutter, down to your downspout and away from your home.
We always recommend best practice here at Harbour Gutter. You should clean your gutter twice a year, one during spring and the other during fall. A gutter filled with vegetation, debris, and everything else in between won’t allow your gutters to properly divert water away from your home. We also recommend SAFE practice, ladder accidents are common which is why we always recommend calling in the professionals for your gutter cleaning.
Tiger striping happens due to dirt and pollen build-up mixed in with moisture which streaks down the gutter. It leaves a trail of grime from the build up which gives it that tiger stripe look. It’s a natural occurrence that happens to other parts of your home like roofs and sidings. This does not mean that your gutter isn’t working properly, it’s merely a cosmetic thing.
Avoid using a pressure washer as this can damage your gutters and other parts of your home. The best solution is to use household cleaning products and warm water.
There are a lot of variables when it comes to installing gutters and downpipes. First and foremost is the amount of materials needed which is based on the measurement of your home. There are also disposals, corners, and other unidentified factors like your wooden fascia board might be rotten and needs replacing. Our quotes will give you a breakdown of what needs to be done and the cost. If something unexpected arises while we are doing the work, we’ll bring it up to your attention before we proceed with that problem. One thing we can guarantee is, we will only recommend what needs to be done at competitive prices. We value building good business relationships within our community.
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