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Gutter Installation Halifax


The rain and snow we experience here in the Maritimes require strong and well-built gutters to withstand snow build-up, water, and winds. This is why we use the best materials available in the market and use Gentek RainAway. We also have over 40 color options to match your home’s aesthetic.

Soffit And Fascia Installation


As part of protecting your home, soffit and fascia installation help protect the exterior of your home by keeping out unwanted pests and provide a disguise for your attic’s ventilation. Our professionally installed soffit and fascia also adds a sharp and completed look to your home. We professionally install and use Gentek aluminum fascia and vinyl soffits with a variety of colors to match your aesthetic.

Gutter Cleaning Halifax


Seasonal gutter cleaning is just as important as having strong gutters. A cluttered gutter does not allow for a proper water outflow which can cause damage to the gutter, roof, and in your home. Our gutter cleaning service will safely remove debris, as well as inspect the overall condition of your gutters for repair/maintenance recommendations.


We highly recommend installing LeafGuards in your gutters which are designed to keep leaves and other debris out of your gutter. This also prolongs the life of your gutter system as the seasonal debris build-up is reduced drastically. Once the LeafGuards are installed, the seasonal cleaning is drastically reduced. Seasonal gutter cleaning is still highly recommended.

Gutter Repair Halifax


It’s too often that gutters remain unchecked and uncared for once installed. It is important to understand that maintaining a proper gutter system is just as important as having gutters. Gutters that are leaking, missing, or damaged will likely cause water damage to your home. The entire gutter system works in unison, which is why we always inspect your gutters during cleaning to idenitfy any issues early on and avoid paying a heftier bill. A clean gutter will save your home from soil erosion, clogs, foundation issues, leaks and other unwanted problems with your house.

Downspout Installation Halifax


Gutter and downspouts/downpipe combination is a must. It runs vertically going down along the home and leads the water away from your home. We can also install a rain barrel diverter which allows the homeowner to collect rainwater into a barrel for their gardening use or customize downspouts depending on your landscaping to accommodate an efficient outflow of water.

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